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We will now be relying solely on our internal Security Team

Urgent Security Update.

Bluewater Logistics, Bluewater Wholesale and any affiliated companies will no longer be using Gruppe6 Security. Following the recent events and the events that have occurred in the past, Gruppe6 are not deemed capable of running a safe security operation.

No further payments to Gruppe6 will be made from Bluewater.

We wish the individual involved a speedy recovery.


Pictured left to right - CEO, Alan Garrett, COO, Lucas Alessio & Director of Business, Ella Knight.

New Chief Operating Officer Announced.

Director of Business Ella Knight had the pleasure of promoting former Branch Manager, Lucas Alessio to Chief Operating Officer of Bluewater Logistics.

Lucas has worked his way up through the business starting as a junior driver. He replaces former COO Phillip Brooks.

We wish him the very best of luck in his new role!

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